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Background Investigations

NJI Background Investigations Services NJI Background Investigations Services

Nick James Investigations has the expertise in tracking down the information you need when ordering background check. A diligent search of database records only available to investigators and law enforcement often reveal documents that could help in litigating a claim. We offer basic and full background check services for the insurance industry, attorneys, corporations, businesses and private parties. From the simple background check to the more extensive in depth search, NJI is here to tailor your needs at a competitive and affordable price.
Our basic background will include the following:

  • Names Associated With Subject
  • Other Names Associated With Subject (aliases)
  • 10 -15 year address history
  • Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Possible State Criminal Conviction Records
  • Possible Sexual Offenses
  • Possible Previous Employers
  • Possible Vehicle information (not available in all states)
  • Possible License information (restricted in some states)
  • Corporate Affiliations
  • Professional Licenses
  • FAA Certifications or Aircrafts
  • Watercraft / Vessels
  • Hunting/Fishing Permits
  • Bankruptcies within the last 10 - 15 years
  • State or Federal Tax Liens
  • Small Claims Civil Judgments
  • UCC Filings
  • Property Ownership. If held in a trust or relatives name, property may not be listed
  • Possible Associates
  • Possible Relatives 1st & 2nd Degree
  • Neighbors 1st & 2nd Neighborhoods found

NOTE: Background Checks for pre- employment screening require a signed release by the perspective employee.
Guidelines and or laws with respect to FCRA, GLB, HIPPA, and DPPA are always complied with for general background checks.

Criminal Background Checks

For the client who simply wants to know if the subject has been in trouble with the law, we offer a streamlined version of our Background Investigation.
While many firms will only perform searches within the criminal courts, we take it a few steps further to ensure that you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. It has been our experience that performing only a criminal court search can yield only partial information
Our Criminal Background Check will include:

  • Criminal Court Search
  • Civil Court Search
  • Family/Domestic Court Search
  • DMV Record Check
  • Incarceration records
  • Federal criminal records

NJI Criminal Background Checks Services

Skip Tracing

NJI Skip Tracking Services

If you are looking to find witnesses, debtors, old friends, family members or ex-spouses, NJI can and will get the job done for you.
When you rely on NJI to locate a person you can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned. Our searches begin with local sources, national database providers, social media and online research. We will sift through all the data obtained, analyze it and decipher what are the accurate or inaccurate leads. Finding subjects is another specialty of NJIS. Utilizing our local and national databases and good old foot work, we have managed to excel above most other companies. NJIS offers different types of locate packages priced from the simple locate to the more extensive locates that require physical visits to the locations for verification. Our highly experienced investigators are well versed in this type of investigation to find the individual you are looking for.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

NJI Services - Pre-Employment Background Checks NJI Services - Pre-Employment Background Checks

If you want to operate a successful business you need to hire successful honest employees. Employment screening is very important for the long term success of any business. A NJI background check will ease your mind and help you to make the right decisions. One bad apple hired can cost you and your business.
Our proven pre-employment screening helps protect both the safety of your other employees and your inventory and assets.
We know what you need when it comes the hiring of new employees and we can provide you with the accurate information you will need to make decisions in a timely manner.

As a business owner do these questions come to mind?

  • Does the applicant have a valid driver's license?
  • Does the applicant have any DUI's, accidents, or serious moving violations?
  • Does the applicant have any prior criminal arrests or convictions?
  • Does the applicant have any prior workers compensation claims?

These questions are easily answered with a pre-employment background check by Nick James Investigations.

Guidelines and or laws with respect to FCRA, GLB, HIPPA, and DPPA are always complied with for general background checks. We require a signed release by the perspective employee.

Asset Searches

NJI Services - Asset Searches

Need to find hidden assets on an individual or company because of a law suit or a judgment in your favor? NJI can assist you in locating those assets. We will investigate using a broad range of discreet and legal methods to obtain the information you need. We utilize modern legal methods that meet or exceed Federal Guidelines; i.e. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
NJI provides these services to individuals, attorneys, insurance providers, small businesses and large corporations.

Some of the information returned on these checks are:

  • Aircraft
  • Hidden Assets / Conversions
  • Secondary Homes
  • Automobiles
  • UCC Filings
  • Farm / Land
  • Primary Residence
  • Boats
  • Bankruptcies
  • Rental Property
  • Liens & Judgments
  • Corporation ownership

Witness Statements

NJI Services - Witness Statement

NJI conducts written and recorded statements for any assignment that require professional handling. Weather it is our tailored questions or certain questions you require, you can count on us to be very detailed with our assignment. Our recorded statements are obtained digitally so our clients can receive a copy via email or on a hard disk. Recorded statements are transcribed in our report format for your files.