Services - Surveillance

NJI Services - Surveillance

Nick James Investigations specializes in video surveillance. To obtain the best results in surveillance, you must first know as much as possible about the subject and his place of residency. This is where we differ. We don’t just jump into a surveillance we do our homework.

We begin our surveillance assignments with a preliminary workup that includes

  • An internet search for any information pertaining to your subject.
  • A search of all social websites to possibly determine the subject’s activity level.
  • An aerial search of the subject’s property to establish good surveillance positions.
  • A search of possible employment information
  • A national comprehensive database search to obtain current information pertaining to the subject such as criminal listings, vehicles, assets and family.

NJI Services - Surveillance

Nick James Investigators utilize only state-of-the-art surveillance equipment including mini covert cameras for all interior video documentation. Our surveillances are always conducted in a legal and ethical manner and our investigators are always there should they be needed for testimony in court.

Additionally, we include in our reports, all information, video still photos and documents that are obtained during our preliminary investigation. Our surveillances don’t end at the authorized time because at NJI we are about the investigation and not the money. We are available to assist you with your needs 24 hours a day and 7days a week with no “rush” or “holiday” additional charges. 

NJI offers all-inclusive flat rates or time and expense rates to fit your particular budget or needs.